Greetings Friends~ ~ ~

It is with great joy that I invite you and your friends to my blog.  If you have never been to a blog don’t be intimidated.  Blog is a shortened term for “weblog”  journals of an electronic sort that are easily shared with others.   I have been reading blogs for some time,  particularily knitting blogs.  I have a fondness for this hand craft.  I visit blogs to see who is knitting what and with what yarn.  It gets my creative juices flowing for a new idea for my next project.

As I  was visiting blogs recently it occured to me that this would be a great way for us, as a Young Living family, to keep in touch.   I have had the honor to know some of you for many years and I cherish our friendship.  It is my intention, with this blog, to allow you to come into our life on a more regular basis.  Through posts,  pictures and your comments we can easily keep in touch.

You are accustomed to receiving emails from me concerning News from Young Living.  These will continue so that you can file this information for future use.  You will also be receiving emails with a short blurb and a link to this blog each time I post a new entry. 

 My intention is to get proficient at putting photos on the blog so that I can share with you how we use Young Living Essential Oils in our daily life.   As I post this I have rubbed a few drops of “Envision” on my hands and rubbed “Highest Potential”  on the keyboard.  I also applied both oils to the back of my neck to open my mind to new ideas!  I find as I use these oils more and more I am drawn to the “emotional oil blends”  more frequently then the single oils.   I find that as I go through my day I reach for an “emotional oil” quite often.  Depending on the task at hand I pause, thinking of what I need to do~ ~ ~then let my mind run through the list of “emotional oils” till one comes vividly to mind.   Sometimes I hold the box of oils in my hands and let my eyes run over them.  As I am drawn to one bottle that’s the one I will use at that moment.   This is a good way to use the oils even if you only have a few.  Gather your oils together and use the oil that you are instinctively drawn to.  Apply it where ever you feel most comfortable putting it.  Maybe the back of your neck on the spine.  Maybe around your ears or over your heart.  Then cup your hands over your nose and mouth and just breath.  Stop, relax and breath in deeply 3 times.  Do this often during your day and if you are stressed try this with “Peace & Calming”.

There is so much I want to share with you.  I am so glad I have found the vehicle to do this.  My intention is to post an entry once a week so check back often!  Please leave your comments below.  I will enjoy hearing from each of you.  Let’s make this blog a place where we gather together to share ideas.  A place where you can send your friends and family to join with our family in learning how to live a more Natural Lifestyle.  Be assured that if they contact me to chat I will let you know that we have spoken so that you are in the loop too.  I would be honored if you emailed a link of this blog to your friends and they joined us in sharing and incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into their daily routine.

You are all very special to us.  As I think about the fact that if it were not for this Company and these Oils I may not have met many of you.  I am grateful that our paths have crossed and I apply the essential oil blend of “Gratitude”. . .and breath it in Deeply.


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  1. donna kessler

    hi Arisha ,
    i just read my net zero e-mail , so this is the first I saw your blog . I like it . keep it coming !

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